Androsurge by Jacked Factory | Best Estrogen Blocker for 2017

Androsurge by Jacked Factory | Best Estrogen Blocker for 2017

There are a lot of estrogen blocking supplements out there today, but overall Androsurge rings in as number 1.

You’re probably wondering why? Continue reading below to find out!

When figuring out what product was going to be ranked as #1, we took the following into consideration: actual customer reviews, reputable supplement review sites, and the actual science behind their formula.

As just mentioned, we aren’t the only ones who ranked Androsurge as the best anti-estrogen supplement.

A very well known and reputable supplement review website, Spot Me Bro ranked Androsurge as their top estrogen blocker for 2017.

Addition to that (and other sites) and their great customer reviews, we dove into what actually backs up their formula.

To start, their formula is completely proprietary blend free and uses actual science-backed ingredients at sufficient dosages.

We thought this was great because it shows that the company actually takes the time to put in the effort to design products that work, and are affordable based on the prices we’ve seen.


Bottom Line

Overall, based on everything that was researched we’ve reassured our conclusion that Androsurge by Jacked Factory is the top anti-estrogen supplement for 2017 and if you’re looking for one you should definitely consider adding it to your stack!